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B-52 Re-engine program

The iconic Cold-war era Boeing B-52H Stratofortress bomber is getting its...

Boeing shows UAV which can Refuel Fighter Jets in Mid-Air

Past Tuesday, Boeing Phantom Works, Boeings secretive design department, announced a new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Its function is to refuel jets mid-air in order to enlarge the range of combat aircraft of the US Navy.

NASA finds a Solar System similar to our own

Kepler Space Telescope launched by NASA in 2009 to find Earth-sized planets...

Drone Collisions More Damaging Than Birdstrikes

Birdstrikes have already been an important topic in aviation’s safety for a long time. Considering the global rise of drones, collisions between drones and aircraft are starting to play a role in aviation safety as well. New studies have shed light on this issue.

Revival of Voyager 1 after 37 years

The backup thrusters on the Voyager 1 spacecraft fired up after staggering...

Join Europe’s top engineers and scientists in European Patent Office

In 2017 the European Patent Office plans to recruit more than 200 engineers and scientists to work as patent examiners.

World’s First Mixed Reality Trainer Developed by Airbus

The unlikely partnership between Airbus and the Microsoft Hololens has led...

Active flow control for boundary layers

Turbulence and the transition to turbulence are recognized as unsolved problems in physics. Likewise, control theorists have hardly ever come across a problem this challenging. The goal of active flow control is to cross these interdisciplinary boundaries by considering the relevant flow physics when designing the control algorithms.

“Een hightech topbedrijf met een sociaal randje”

Werktuigbouwkundige Marcel Goldschmeding aan de slag als campuspromotor voor ASML.