The ‘Leonardo Times’ is the journal of the Society for Aerospace Engineering students, the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ at the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. The hard copy magazine is circulated four times a year with a circulation of 5500 copies. This website is the online equivalent of the magazine, with new content posted regularly. Likewise to the magazine, the website contains the latest aerospace news, editorial stories, research from the TU Delft Aerospace faculty and contributions by TU Delft Aerospace students.

Ruth Euniki Vraka

Muhammad Arham Elahi

Lisanne Vermaas


  • James Perry
  • Chaitanya Dongre
  • Miguel Castro Gracia
  • Gerard Mendoza Ferrandis
  • Danny Tjokrosetio
  • Juan Avila Paez
  • Louis Taillandier
  • Marcos Talocchi
  • Naomi Lijesen
  • Tuomas Simula
  • Shadab Eftekhar
  • Topias Pulkkinen

Wouter Offringa

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